Free Wine Consultation

Let me help you choose the right wine to enhance your recipe

I have travelled the world trying all sorts of wines everywhere my journey has taken me. I really enjoy discovering a new wine, possibly in a remote land on the other side of the globe. However, no matter how good it can be, I stay loyal to Italian wines and I love to recommend the wines I like most.

Italy is where my roots are, Italian wines carry the taste and the smell of my native country, the flavour of my best memories. Unless you are an expert, it can be difficult to find the perfect food/wine match to bring out the flavour of your dishes. Choosing the right wine can really make the difference when you are entertaining, so no mistakes here!

I will be very happy to help you finding the perfect match, so drop me a line telling me what food you’ll serve and I will suggest the best Italian wine to enhance it.

I always do my best to find wines that are a good value for money, so you can have a really good quality drink without spending a fortune.

Contact me for a free wine consultation via email or Whatsapp +39 392 5103512