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Study Italian and Open Market Doors for Your Business

If your company or organisation works with the Italian market, learning Italian for business can help you to build corporate connections and improve operations with Italian businesses.

Or if you have Italian partner companies with which you want to build and improve working relationships, Easy Italian can help.

In a business capacity, it can be fundamental not only to understand how to communicate with your Italian contacts but also to understand their culture. It will help you develop and cement relationships on both a business and personal level and may ultimately lead to more fruitful business!

If you wish to provide your staff with Italian tuition to help them engage in corporate conversation or would like to learn business Italian yourself, we have a tuition package for your needs.

From one-to-one business Italian tuition to group teaching sessions, Easy Italian can be flexible and accommodating when working with your company.

The Italian for Business Services We Offer Are:

  • Business Italian tuition for beginners
  • Intermediate and advanced level business Italian lessons
  • Daily Italian conversation lessons in a business environment
  • Understand the Italian culture to improve your business in Italy

We have worked with multinational companies, research institutes and corporate language providers and can offer bespoke packages to meet your needs.

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