Light Italian Classes for Health and Wellbeing

because we think that, no matter what is your starting point or your difficulties, there is always a step forward you can make!

Easy Italian offers Light Italian Classes, specifically thought for adults living with Alzheimer or dementia, and children and adults with autism spectrum disorderspecial needs or learning difficulties.

These are more relaxed classes, with a higher level of support for students who feel less confident in their ability to learn a new language. We designed a relaxed 5 or 10 lesson course, for 1to1 tuitions or very small groups. With a high level of visual and textual support, students can enjoy speaking Italian since the first lesson, without any pressure.
Lead and founder of this project is Ester Cilento, a very experienced teacher of Italian as a foreign language. She has been teaching in Belgium and in the UK for more than 15 years in Universities, schools, language schools and as a private tutor. She has taught students of all ages and she has worked with students with special needs. In 2018 Ester taught a class that was part of a research project of the University of Edinburgh observing the effect of learning a foreign language on the occurrence and development of dementia and Alzheimer. Students loved it and so did Ester.

Ester has a daughter with autism who is bilingual and this is what she says about her own experience: 
“I know how hard it is to find a class for children with special needs, and I want to do what I love, teaching Italian to children and adults, to offer a fulfilling experience to everyone, no one excluded. During the first lockdown, I noticed that Zoom and many of its tools were very motivating and effective to teach my daughter and I gathered many ideas from this experience to teach in a fun and interactive way even from a distance”.

In January this year we started our Light Italian Classes and we are happy so see that the feedback we are receiving is very positive. Here we chat with the first parent that chose the class for her son.

At the moment all our classes are delivered online, get in touch for further information or to book your first LIGHT ITALIAN CLASS

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