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Rosato Merlot, Terre di Chieti: a perfect wine for a toast with a MILANESE in Abruzzo

This summer my friend Silvano, whom I met during an amazing holiday in Vietnam, visited me in Abruzzo. Abruzzo is known as the greenest region in Europe as almost half of its territory, the largest in Europe, is set aside as national parks and protected nature reserves. It’s the perfect place for walking deeply immersed in nature and we had a beautiful day hiking at Campo Imperatore, one of the wonders of the region. Campo Imperatore, also called ‘Piccolo Tibet’ (little Tibet), is a mountain grassland  high basin-shaped plateau located above the Gran Sasso mountain massif. After a long walk, tired, happy and hungry, we had a delicious dinner at the restaurant La Siesta, in Casalincontrada.

We ordered all the traditional food of the region and ate until we were stuffed. We enjoyed every bite!

Pallotte cacio e ove

We drank a Rosato Merlot delle Terre di Chieti (cantina Viano), a very good wine with an amazing bouquet. We also enjoyed a couple of shots of Berliner Luft, a peppermint liqueur sold everywhere in Berlin, very popular in all bars on Friday night. This picture, of the wine of my native land next to the typical liqueur of the German city where I live, marks the end of my summer in Italy, it’s time to pack and go home😢

‘andare e poi tornare questo era il mestiere: cucire una terra all’altra col filo del fiato ( to go and then return – this was the job: to sew one land to another with the thread of breath)’

F. Armini

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