‘Vedi Napoli e poi muori’ – ma non di fame. See Naples and die but not of hunger! …First eat pizza and drink Visione!🍷

German poet Goethe came up with his famous sentence – see Naples and die – to celebrate the absolutely unique climate, food, culture, monuments, history and people of the amazing city of Naples.

We know that pizza in some forms we would recognise were available by the time Goethe spent some time in the city in 1787, including the Marinara. We don’t know if Goethe ate pizza, but I’m sure one taste of it would only have reinforced his glowing opinion of all things Neapolitan. From the 18th century the pizza represents Naples in its purest essence. There are pizzerias on every corner of the city. And its not just for the tourists. The Neapolitans eat pizza constantly, and they would struggle to recommend places to eat it, it’s so good everywhere!

The Neapolitan pizza is considered a UNESCO intangible heritage, which means it represents something unique about the traditions and skills of the city. It has a soft and thin dough, the edges are high, it is cooked in a wood oven and has the best tomatoes and mozzarella in the universe. This results in unique flavors that are difficult to replicate. Even if some pizzerias around the world manage to do it, the freshness of the products used in Naples is peerless.

Agnese recommends……..

I enjoyed my pizza on the Marcellina promenade, a lovely place worth the trip alone. That delicious pizza was accompanied by a local wine, the Visione Rosato from the Feudi di San Giorgio winery.

This is a wine with a good bouquet of red fruits, high acidity but delicate, savory and fresh. It is not too expensive – perfect with pizza, especially during the hot summer evenings. It can be found abroad and online.

Naples is truly a unique experience and will remain in your heart forever!

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We all know that Naples made its culinary name with pizza, however there’s plenty more delicious dishes to get your teeth into. Find here a collection of fantastic Neapolitan recipes:https://www.greatitalianchefs.com/collections/neapolitan-recipes

Vedi Napoli e poi muori…..ma non di fame!!!

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